Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Invisalign FAQs

How do I take care of my braces and teeth?

Is my Orthodontist near me?

Yes, we are here to serve you and the surrounding communities in Sherman Oaks.


  • Is the doctor a Specialist in Orthodontics (or a general dentist)? (Has the doctor had 3 additional years of specialist training?) Dr. Lim is a Specialist with 4 Dental-Related Degrees from USC.
  • Is the doctor Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics?  Dr. Lim is.
  • Did the Doctor graduate at the top of their Dental Class?  Dr. Lim graduated #1 in his class, and was inducted into the OKU Dental Fraternity.
  • Does the office offer the NEWEST iTero Digital Impressions (instead of old-fashioned impressions)? Dr. Lim offers the NEWEST iTero “Element” Digital Scans for more accuracy and efficiency. Ask for the “Element”.
  • Do they offer fun televisions on the ceilings to enjoy? Dr. Lim’s office does.
  • Does the doctor use bonded brackets as much as possible rather than using spacers and “old fashioned” bands that are uncomfortable? Dr. Lim does.
  • Does the doctor use functional appliances to correct skeletal problems?  Dr. Lim does.
  • Does the doctor use “space age” wires for improved comfort and performance?  Dr. Lim does.
  • Does the doctor remove braces in less than 24 months on 90% or more patients in the practice?  Dr. Lim does.
  • Does the quoted fee include records? We include the records here.  We use Digital x-rays which produce less radiation than Analog x-rays.
  • Does the quoted fee include retainers? We include the retainers here.
  • Does the practice charge for emergency appointments? No, we do not.
  • Does the practice offer flexible financing? Yes, we do.
  • Does the office offer complimentary parking? Yes, we do.  Paying for parking for every visit can add up.  We offer free parking.